Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My New in Phone - Not Enemy

My phone drama-rama is over!

After having my phone replaced twice, buying a new battery and trying a new charger - it still wouldn't hold a charge for longer than eight hours, which was rather annoying. So last saturday I took it into the Verizion store in C-Ville, and they were just going to replace the phone...yet again. So this time I asked if I could use the upgrade on my grandparents phone and get a new one. They said yes. :)

This made me happy, and I now have a new phone - the Rival.

Oh, and it actually holds a charge!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Flat Tires and Caring Co-Workers

First of all let me explain that I had a tire that was not holding air very well, Daddy had refilled it a couple of times, but it was still getting low. I, however, apparently am not good at watching my knowingly low-aired tires.

While I was getting ready to clock in at work yesterday one of my co-workers said that my car's front driver-side tire was low, I was like, yeah I know, but she said it really flat. I didn't do anything about it, 'cause really what was I going to do then anyways.

The night went on as usual, until about 5 minuets until closing time I get paged over the intercom. So I call up to the person that paged me and my previously mentioned co-worker said that her son happened to stop by and she had sent him out to look at my tire. Well, he insisted that it was no good to drive on any longer than I had been and insisted that he change it. So I went and got my keys, and they went out to start changing my tire, while I finished a few closing duties before leaving. When I got out to my car my co-workers son was in the process of jacking my car up so he could actually get the tire off. Well he eventually got the car up and the tire off and the spare on and I was good to go after of course thanking him about 3 or 4 times.

Turns out I had barley any air in my tire at all after Daddy checked it. I stopped by Wal-Mart to get some Slime (tire sealant), and got the wrong kind - of course that wasn't totally my fault because I told the guy I needed it for my car's tire, and he directed me to one for tube now Daddy has to go exchange it and fix it in the morning.

At least it'll be fixed, and I can drive my car again! :)