Sunday, August 8, 2010

Apparently I NEED a Guy to Buy Me a Ring...

Okay so I teach a Sunday School class at my church.

Of which the students are between the ages of 4-6 (depending on when the graduate Kindergarten).

I have one girl in my class right now, K. She is very smart...and observant.

This past Sunday as I was getting ready to start the lesson she asked me why I wore three rings. So I explained to her that one was from my Aunt, one was from my sister, Little M, and the other well, I bought for myself just 'cause.

Then she says..."Well M (Little M's husband!) needs to buy you a ring!"

I laughed and told her that he has already bought Little M a ring and that he didn't need to buy me a ring.

She asked me why a guy hasn't bought me a ring yet...


What am I supposed to say to that

Then she says..."Well some guy needs to buy you a ring!"

I just looked at her, and said..."Well...I'll work on that..."


Somehow...I can just see her excitment when that does happen.

(And I hope that it'll happen sometime in the near know after I meet a guy and all that jazz)