Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don8 Bl%d!

That's exactly what I did yesterday! I wasn't even planning on giving, mainly because I assumed that I was anemic and wouldn't be able to give, and I don't particularly like having little sharp, pointy objects stuck in me, but after a little fun prodding from my Pastor and a freind, I decided to - in Pastor's words - "woman-up" and give it a try. Wouldn't you know it I like 2 numbers away from being anemic, close, but still had enough iron in me to donate.

So for the first time ever...I donated a pint of my blood, and it wasn't as bad as one might think.

And one of the workers ('cause I can't even begin to spell the technical term), Bob, made me a little bow to put on my bandage!

My bow! :)

Me and my bandaged arm. (Yes I did coordinate my bandage with my shirt...and there are smiley faces on it too!)

One more pic befor the bandage goes for good....oh yeah...we got t-shirts too!

(I am such a weirdo) :)

Race for the Cure - 2009!

Every year for the past 3 years we (my, Mom, Little M, her MIL (P), and usually her sons, and this year my Daddy) have participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.

It's always a fun time. We get to help support finding a cure for Breast Cancer, get our exercise for the day in, and we get alot of cool freebies too!

Of course we always have pics to remember the day by! (which are in a weird order, but oh well)

All the goodies we got! 3 shirts, one (with the ribbon peoples) that everyone got, the other (blue) Siteman Team shirt, the other I got for trying out the new EA Active game for Wii, special ribbon-shaped bagels from Panara's, flower seeds, tea, sticker things from New Balance (could have gotten a cool pin from them, but you had to have NB shoes to get that...I didn't have them, obvs), lip balm and face and hand stuff from Yes! to Carrots, frisbee from Shane Co., bag from Motts (we got applesauce too, but I ate that), and a cape, keychain, and drinks from Fuze. Oh and we also got a scarf from Ford...but I forgot to include that in the pic...oh well.

All the people still coming behind us!

I think that was Elvis...

My Mom - getting a hand massage from Yes! to Carrots - I got one too it felt sooo good :)

Energizer Bunny - could have had a pic taken with him...but the line was too long.

Band singing at the end of the Race.

The end is in sight! (see the pink balloon arch!?)

There were alot of people!

Sea of people...I can't remember how many they said were there...but it was alot!

Team "Bread Head" members on top of Cornbreads van.

I failed, again...but this should make up for it...right?!

Ok...I had every intent of doing the Day in the Life, and believe me, I tried. However all the days on my vacation were pretty much the same, and I was taking pictures of my niece A like a crazy woman...who can blame me, when she lives far away and you hardly get to see her, and she is your only niece thus far...right? Any ways...to make up for my slackness...her are some pics from my vacay. Enjoy!

A enjoying licking the batter from her cake of the beater...what a mess!

Me and A watching Grease!

A emptying out her Grandpa P's pocket....she loved it!

Okay...sorry about the sideways pic....A eating the icing off her cake!

When we first arrived (hence my sloppy hair) A had lots of lovin' for us!
Well I guess that's all the images I can post on one bloggy post. That's just the tip of the iceberg of the amount of pics that were taken between my mom and me. There may be more picture posts to follow.
As for the Day in the Life (and 26 Things) I will let you know when that is happening again...and try to ACTUALLY do it. :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Father's Day Gifts....Check!!!!!!!

Yes! I have been searching and wondering what to get for the Fathers at my church and I finally found something for them! I have a total of three different items that they will be able to choose from, I think they will appreciate them! Now I just need to get something for MY father! :)