Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Might As Well Just Buy A New Car When I Need New Tires...


Lets just say me putting new tires on my car, whether its all 4...or just 1, somehow ends up in me getting a new car.

My first car needed new tires - alll 4. Okay got that done....not to long afterwards - I get in a car accident and total my car (thankfully it was just the car(s) that got damaged, the other driver and I were fine).

Now the car I have now, had gotten a flat tire. Of course I had to get a new one.

No this one has not been wrecked, instead the engine is going in it. I could just buy a new engine, but have decided that it'd be just as easy to get a new car.

So the new car search is on! Looking for 2007 or later - any suggestions??

(Hopefully, the car has really good tires too...or that the third car is a charm??)