Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beautiful Wedding and A Bouquet!

This past Sunday was a Beautiful Day!

Great Weather - Perfect for a Wedding!

Yep. This past Sunday a long time family friend and his fiance (now wife!) got married!
It was a beautiful ceramony held at The Muny, and a fantastic reception to follow.

It was a little bizzare to see Z, whom I've know for about 15 years get married, but at the same time it was wonderful to see him grow up and find the love of his life. T made a very beautiful bride, and is a great person, of whom is a good friend, very kind and definatly loves the Lord just as much as Z does. May God bless them for many, many years to come!

Of course at the reception there was the typical speech by the best men, and bridesmaids (yes, they had cool is that!), the cake (smashed in each others faces, of course!), dancing, oh and the garter and bouquet toss.

Let me tell you, I have been trying to catch that darned bouquet at the last couple of weddings I've been to with no avail...and two of them were my sisters weddings. (Of course I think Little M and her husband rigged it so that some friends of ours who were engaged and getting married 3 months later caught the garter and bouquet, but whatever) I didn't think I was going to catch this one either, but got in the group of the girls and the bouquet was tossed...and I caught it!

Not that it really means anything...but it was fun to finally catch it. Of course it could be fun to see if the superstiton behind it comes true at all...of course I know I woun't be the next one to get married, since A, another family friend who might as well be our sister is going to be getting married sometime next year.

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