Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's Ordered...Now I Wait...

Today I finally ordered my new laptop!

I'm getting a Dell Studio 17...Yay!

It comes with a 17.3 inch screen, 4GB of Memory, 500G Hard Drive, Intel Core i7, Back-lit Keyboard, Web Cam w/Facial Recognition, among the other stuff that computers come with, and I got a fun artsy cover design! ('Cause we all know that black is just boring...) Oh, and I got me a new printer with it too, one that prints (obvs!), copies, and scans...and it's WiFi!!! Yay for no cords!

Plus, I got it below what I budgeted for....until they attached the shipping charges, but I planned for that to so I'm good!

The reason for getting new laptop...well this one (yes, that I am using right now) is getting slow, and if I'm running Photoshop, and Illustrator, and occasionally the Internet all at the same time it gets gets slow when I'm just running one program at a time lately there's that. That and the fact that it get's really hot and Little M, had a laptop, basically just like this, same company and laptop - just a bit different configuration, and her's exploded (not literally I don't think) on her, and I know someone else who has had some problems with the same one as well...though I'm not sure if it was computer error or human error (or both) with that one.

My new laptop will have all the power I need to run the programs that I want to run and I'll have a longer battery life as well, this one last for maybe and hour if unplugged from the wall. Plus I will have ample storage to save all my work to.

Now I'll (hopefully) be motivated to get to designing something!

Looks like it'll be here on Dec. 12th! Yay I can't wait!

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