Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dear Male Kohl's Customers...Please Learn How to Read the Restroom Signs.

Because I'm sure it is very embarrassing to take your son into the ladies room.

Yep today at work I saw a man taking his son to the restroom...however he walked into the ladies room instead of the mens room. I'm actually suprised that this does not happen more often since our male customers (or at least most of them) seem to never (or at least hardly ever) see the sign for the mens room. They either a) realize that they are about to walk in to the ladies room, or almost walk into the break room. We (us customer service gals) are constantly pointing these men in the right direction.

I guess I just didn't see where the man was heading today and didn't realize it until wto women, whom I am assuming saw the man in the ladies room were joking him about it. He took it good heartedly and told the ladies that he thought it a little odd that there were no urinals in the "mens" room. :/

So...Male Kohl's Customers...please learn to look for/read the signs. You'll have alot less embarrassment bacause of it. :)

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