Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Don8 Bl%d!

That's exactly what I did yesterday! I wasn't even planning on giving, mainly because I assumed that I was anemic and wouldn't be able to give, and I don't particularly like having little sharp, pointy objects stuck in me, but after a little fun prodding from my Pastor and a freind, I decided to - in Pastor's words - "woman-up" and give it a try. Wouldn't you know it I like 2 numbers away from being anemic, close, but still had enough iron in me to donate.

So for the first time ever...I donated a pint of my blood, and it wasn't as bad as one might think.

And one of the workers ('cause I can't even begin to spell the technical term), Bob, made me a little bow to put on my bandage!

My bow! :)

Me and my bandaged arm. (Yes I did coordinate my bandage with my shirt...and there are smiley faces on it too!)

One more pic befor the bandage goes for good....oh yeah...we got t-shirts too!

(I am such a weirdo) :)

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