Sunday, December 27, 2009

Holidays 2009 - Thanksiving & Christmas

So I meant to make seperate post for Thanksgiving and Christmas...but since I've been workin' and such I haven't gotten around to it.

So let's start with the holiday that came first:


Usually we spend Thanksgiving at our house, but seeing as Mom and Dad were putting in hard-wood floors and the kitchen and dining room were filled with stuff from the living room, and the furniture was out in the garage, therefore leaving us no place to sit or cook...we spent it at my Granparenis house.

We had our usual dinner of turkey, ham, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cheesy potatoes...and all the other fixin's that go along with thankgiving dinner.

Then of course there was the strategic planning for Black Friday Shopping! Of course the only one who really got into it this year was Little M, mainly because she was the only one who was going to go 'cause Mom was sick (although she did get up and go to about 2 stores), and I had to be at work at 6 (but I stopped by one store to pick up Dad's gift to Mom for him - which made my day really long).

Little M, starting the planning on the living room floor - yes she is making a list, and checking twice...or more. :)

Then she moved to the table.

Of course while she was planning, I was getting bored waiting for her to get done so we could play some games, so I gave myself something to do - doodle! I doodled on the Macy's ad (as you can see in the above photo, those litle Christmas trees are my doodles).

Then there are these...they are soo cute. :)

Yep. I doodled little stick figures on the furniture ad photos! :) I know I'm weird...but hey, I was bored.

This one is my favorite!

Of course, after the Black Friday planning was was...Game Time!
We played one of our favorites - Aggravation!
We also played Phase 10...that took forever... :)
There is our Thanksgiving in a nutshell.
Now for the next holiday:
Which is my most favorite holiday of all the holidays!

This year, I decorated the tree all by myself. I thought it looked pretty good.

And while I decorated the tree I enjoyed a little, it's not wine, nor is it in anyway alcoholic. It's actually Pomegranite Juice and Sparkeling Grape Juice, which is poured over a sugar cube - delicious!

Then we move on to the presents.

These two I recieved from my kids in my Sunday School Class.
R got me the basket filled with candy and makeup, and E brought me some home-made peanut brittle - yumm!

Then my dear friend B got me these wonderful gifts!
An Ice Skating Owl ornament, and a really cute owl necklace! I photographed them with the bag they came it 'cause it was just sooo cute!
Now how 'bout a look into that stocking! What goodies!

Sudoku, lotions and makeup from Bath & Body Works, Pictureka!, Sunny Seed Drops (Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds) in a Christmas light bulb shape, Ferrero Rocher candies (one of my favs!), and a Little Pet Shop's Turtle - which I've named Speedy and is going to sit on the dashboard of my car!

Then there are the gifts I got on Christmas Day!

Wii Resort from my Grandpa and Grandma (whom I also got the rest of my Christmas money and a bag of M&M's from), a Garmin Nuvi GPS from my Mom and Dad, a Zune from Little M, her Hubs M, her brother-in-law J, and her mother-in-law P.
Of course there was one of the best gifts...

SNOW! I actually had prayed and asked for a white Christmas - and we got snow on Christmas Day!
All in all th holidays were pretty to look on to the new year and the challenges and blessings it will bring!


  1. That owl ornament is so stinking cute! Owls must be your new thing.

  2. I have started to like Owls, but I still love Monkeys! I think it was that Owl purse that started all the Owl-liking!

  3. I don't remember you taking those pictures of me... I must have been oblivious!

  4. Haha...yep, you were deep into your planning...and I'm just sneaky like that!