Sunday, December 13, 2009

Designing on the Side...

As most of you know I'm currently working at Kohl's...but for the next week or two...I'm also designing on the side!

My good friend G contacted me on my FB page and told me his boss was looking for someone to design a logo, brochure, and website, and wanted to know if he could pass my info on to him.


I can do it all...'cept the site for now, but he doesn't want that now anyways, but back to the point here. I met with him this afternoon, told him how much I'd charge, showed him some of my work, jotted down some notes...and I'm hired! Yessss!

Now I'll have something else I can put into my portfolio - that is being used for a real company!

Deadline for the logo...end of the week.
Deadline for the brochure...end of the year.

I'm so excited to do this!

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