Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010, A New Year, with New Possibilites

It's now officially 2010!

2009 came and went. It was filled with many good moments, and some sad moments. There were some good expriences, some of which I wish would've had a different ending. I made some new friends, while still keeping connection with old ones. It was a difficult year for me, with the loss of my job, and being unemployed for most of the year, and with the loss of my Grandma R., that was a very difficult month. However, God was with me through it all, and thankfully that will never change.

Now it 2010 - a New Year - full of New Opportunities and Possibilities.

I have many goals and ambitions that I would like to see accomplished in 2010.
I'm starting one of those by going back to school for a couple of certificates in Web Desgin...with those I hope to finally find a job in my field.
I also have a goal of completing at least one art project a week, and have a few projects that I am going to try and finally accomplish, and maybe possibly even sell.
One of my more important goals includes cultivating a closer walk with God, and being better prepared for my Sunday School class. I also want to memorize Psalm 139, my prayer group my senior year of college tried to do that...but I only memorized a few verses, and it's come up alot lately, so I decided I'm going to give it another try.

So there are some of my goals...I have others, but I'll have to see how those play out - this year anything is possible and I'm going to try and make this "My Year".

Happy New Year, Welcome to 2010!

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