Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Phone Issues Continue back in October, my phone started to not hold a charge, so I went and got it resolved...or so I thought.

Since then I have, bought another battery from Verizon, and gotten the phone replaced...again.

Still that did not work, so I took it back in yesterday and they gave me a new charger to try. I told them that my phone would get hot when I charged it, so they said it was probably the charger...I don't think so...

I get home, my phone dies later on that night, I put it on the new charger - first time using it, it does fine charges, I'm good to go. I had charged right before bed, so I put on my "night stand" (I don't have a real night stand, I'm using a blow-up foot stool that came with a chair someone got me...) and went to bed. OBVIOUSLY I didn't use it all night- unless I was using it in my sleep and didn't know it (HIGHLY unlikely).

So what do I wake up to this morning?

Yep. My phone, chirping telling me it's about to die... Oi! This is driving me nuts.

Guess I'll be taking it back in again...

Oh and to top it car charger went ka-put too, but it's not from Verizon.

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