Friday, February 11, 2011

I went on a mission last week...and still haven't completed it!

So last weekend I went on a mission to find shoes for my friends wedding that I'll be in next month. I found quite a few that I liked, but it always ended up that they either didn't fit right or they didn't have my size...what's so hard about finding silver sandles...and who is buying them all up in the middle of winter!!!

To top it off there are a pair of flip-flops that Target sells that I want to get for dancing..but they don't have them at any of the stores...good thing they have them online...guess I'll just order from there.

I'm hoping I can find some quick so my Mom won't shoot me!! She is going to hem the dress after all and it needs to get done soon!!

Any one have any suggestions? I think I've hit almost every store in town, with a few exceptions.


  1. I'll try to make it to the Mills this week and see if they have those one shoes at DEB. What size did you need?

  2. I got the pair from shoe carnival tonight. I think I would need a 10 if I had gotten those. Now I got to go order the flip-flops from Target.