Thursday, April 30, 2009

26 Things...A Day in the Life

If you remember the 26 Things post from earlier this month, and was excited to see what I did...well sorry, I didn't get it done. :( I even wrote the list down twice. So I am determined to do it this month, except this month it's A Day in the Life. Now from the sounds of it they normally assign a day of the month that you are supposed to photograph a day in your life, however, this month, they have left that choice up to you! Basically you take a photograph for every hour of whatever day you choose. You need a minimum of six photos, and a maximum of twenty-four. I am probably going to photograph my day when I am on vacation in North Carolina, visiting my niece, and sister & brother-in-law. So, if you're interested, join the fun and photograph a day in your life you can then go to and post a link to your blog, or site, or wherever you posted your photos so we can all check out A Day in Your Life!

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