Friday, September 18, 2009

When it pours...

But at least this is a good pouring!

So yesterday, I get this post-card rejection from a place I applied that I REALLY thought would be fun to work at - yet I was not as qualified as they would like me to be. I got really upset about it, I'm talking tears here - and a feeling of never being qualified for anything.

Well, wouldn't you know it today I get two, yep TWO, calls for interviews next week. One at a Bank, and one at Kohl's. I have worked for Kohl's before so there is probably a pretty good chance that I could get that one. I'm a little more nervous about the bank position, a teller to be more precise, seeing as I have never worked at a bank before, but I have had experience handling money while working at Burger King (and yes it was more than just working the register, I was a manager, so therefore I had to count down the drawers, make deposits, and do the end of the day paper work/money counting).

I think I'd really like to get the bank position for a few reasons:
1) It's closer to home, meaning I don't have to drive as far, meaning less money spent on gas.
2) I'd have more of a set schedule - no days part of the time and nights the other.
3) I'd have all major holidays off = more time with family and friends.
Of course Kohl's has it perks too:
1) Associate discount - need I say more?
2) I would constantly be on my feet. You'd think this would not be a perk, but let me tell you,
the last time I worked at Kohl's, I got toned and went down a few dress sizes...I really need
to do that again.
But I'd still rather have the bank position. :)
Of course I'll be happy with whichever I get, 'cause ya know - I kinda REALLY want/need a job.
I'll let you know what happens by the middle/end of next week!

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